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On July 27th hear Stuart interview the President of the Myelin Repair Foundation, to discuss myelin research and an Interventional Radiologist to talk about CCSVI

Interview with Scott Johnson
President of the Myelin Repair Foundation
Scott Johnson had been living with MS for 25 years when first learned about the possibility of myelin repair in 2001 from a news brief in Businessweek magazine. What he also learned was that the system for making new medicines was failing MS patients and others by not producing new, effective treatments fast enough to meet their needs. A year later, he founded the Myelin Repair Foundation (MRF).  The foundation’s goal is to demonstrate an accelerated model for medical research and drug discovery. The model is being demonstrated on the development of a myelin repair treatment for MS. Today, MRF-funded and managed research has led to the discovery of 150 myelin repair treatment targets, 24 new research tools, the publication of 80+ articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and the awarding of four patents by the US Patent and Trade Office. The MRF is currently focused on developing the necessary tests to validate myelin repair discoveries in multiple animal models and human tissue. Developing and establishing these protocols will accelerate and improve the likelihood of successful patient clinical trials for myelin repair. Scott Johnson and the MRF have been widely recognized for their contributions to accelerating medical research, in particular on behalf of those living with MS. 
9pm Interventional Radiologists talk:  
How CCSVI is treated: fact versus fiction Todd S. Harris, MD or J. Joseph Hewett, MD Synergy Health Concepts
Stuart’s Co-Host, Deanna, will then interview an MS patient who tried Adult Stem Cell Therapy a few years ago.   Let's hear her story...
Holly Huber
Diagnosed with MS November 2004 and had her stem cell transplant November 2008

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